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We are committed to fulfilling the genuine needs of our training participants and the needs of the market in which we operate. We truly believe that we equip our training participants with information to assist them in their quest for success and excellence.

Our goal is giving training participants the confidence to immediately begin applying their new skills, enhancing their productivity after just one class.

Fundamentals of Telecommunications

Understanding the basic telecommunications infrastructure is important today. The infrastructure is so complex that the language used in the industry can be mind-boggling. This course is an introduction to the history, principles, and components of the telecommunications network. It is an introductory course designed for anyone who needs an overview of voice telecommunications technology.

  • Voice Networks and Telephony
  • Digital Networking
  • Wireless, Cellular, and Satellite Communications
  • Service Providers and Public Network Architecture
  • PBX, Centrex, ACD, and Key Systems
  • Call Processing
  • CTI Equipment and Services

Telephone/Voice Mail End User Training

Telephone and voice mail systems are a major investment for businesses. In fact the success of the business is dependent upon the reliability of these systems. Telephone and voice mail systems have an array of features that are designed to save time and increase efficiency. If users do not know how to use the features the benefit of your investment is lost.

End user training is designed to teach users to use the various features of the system which can save time and increase productivity.

  • Telephone/voice mail functionality and differences
  • Telephone/voice mail basic features such as call transfer, conferencing and retrieving messages
  • Telephone/voice mail advanced features such as call park, programming speed dial, forwarding a message

Additional product training:

  • Wireless telephones
  • Attendant console
  • Call Center agent telephones and features

Telephone/Voice Mail System Administration Training

System administration training is an in-depth course designed to teach system administrators how to manage the systems, completing additions, moves and changes. This course teaches your communication system functions, its operation and its management.

  • Define and interpret the meaning of acronyms and terms used in telecommunications
  • Evaluate system traffic and usage
  • Manage the system and its software, making required additions and modifications
  • Analyze users request and system problems
  • Navigate the system software
  • Describe system features and functionality to end users
  • Describe system components
  • Interpreting system planning forms
  • Administer voice terminals and adjuncts
  • Understand voice terminal features
  • Identify your organizations communication needs
  • Retrieve and interpret traffic data analysis
  • Establish security precautions
  • Attendant console features
  • Modify system settings
  • Troubleshoot system hardware
  • Customize end user features, responding to user questions, problems and requests

Receptionist Training

The image of your organization begins with your receptionist. Because receptionists are the first people the public sees and hears, their job is of vital importance. The focus of this training is professional etiquette and mannerisms, courteous speaking and effective listening.

  • First and last impressions
  • Elements of courtesy
  • Role of courtesy in mission accomplishment
  • Establishing rapports with clients
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Use and abuse of the telephone
  • How to give a good explanation
  • Varying messages to the needs of the receiver
  • Individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Active listening guidelines
  • Customer service dilemmas
  • Goal setting for continued growth

Call Center Training

Technology allows your business to handle more calls than ever before, however your personnel must be trained on the use of the technology or the only benefit you will receive from the technology is lost customers and profits. So before you invest another dime in technology, invest in the most critical aspect of your operation: your people. Agent training focuses on ACD features and the use of ACD telephones.

  • Call flow
  • ACD telephones
  • Use of call center features
  • Call center telephone etiquette
  • Supervisor training focuses on ACD call flow, supervisor features, call center management and report interpretation
  • Call flow
  • How to generate reports
  • Supervisor features such as service observing
  • Difference between reports and when to use the reports
  • How to schedule call center reports

Customer Service Training

Our Customer Service Training offers your staff the tools to provide excellent customer service. They will improve their problem solving skills, improve their telephone etiquette, develop customer listening skills, understand different behavioral and cultural styles and learn strategies to deal with customers in a confident manner. We specialize in supplying proven skills, methods and techniques, which will translate into satisfied a clientele, fewer customer complaints and less stress on your team. Our single-minded focus is to help organizations create a service culture and improve the performance of the entire workforce to develop superior customer relations.

  • Telephone courtesy
  • Listening skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Confidence
  • Rapport
  • Handling difficult customers
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective communications
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Problem solving

PC and Software Training

We specialize in training that can be used in the office. Our goal is giving training participants the confidence to immediately begin applying their new skills, enhancing their productivity after just one class.

Introduction to the Internet

  • Using the internet
  • Applying for free email
  • Sending/receiving email
  • Attachments
  • Searching on the internet
  • Downloading

Introduction to Computers

  • Computer hardware
  • Input/output devices
  • Processing and storage devices
  • Types of software

Introduction to Word

  • Using word
  • Document Template
  • Status Bar
  • Office assistant
  • Letter wizard
  • Creating envelops

Introduction to Excel

  • Creating worksheets
  • Editing worksheets
  • Understanding work areas
  • Cells
  • Copy and print



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