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What is IP Telephony?

IP telephony allows voice and data to be transmitted over a single network using an open standard-based Internet Protocol (IP).

Hence, telephony becomes an application on an IP network, allowing organizations to keep on-net calls on their data infrastructure rather than the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) where costs are still based on time and distance.

Although IP has been implemented on LANs and global backbone networks since 1998, many organizations still employ PBXs and wireline phones and have yet to exploit the huge benefits IP telephony can offer.
There is now little if any further development in the PBX technology while IP telephony is developing apace (this is not a word).

IP telephony solutions offer the following benefits:

  • reduced administration costs
  • flexible application deployment across the enterprise
  • increased personal and work group productivity
  • improved customer care
  • innovative applications that can create genuine competitive
  • advantage
  • scalability
  • reliability
  • future proofing
  • reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and rapid Return on Investment

The Benefits of IP Telephony

IP telephony has been a reality since 1998 but the dramatic cost savings, increased revenues and application rollout capabilities associated with the technology are only now being fully realized.

According to Cisco research, IP-centric networking has been proven to increase workgroup productivity by ten to 40 percent, enhance customer care and reduce network costs. It also offers:

Speed - allowing rapid deployment of new applications, enabling an organization to quickly address change without re-engineering the network

Reliability - uptime of networks is increased due to consistent, best practice architectural approach to network design

Interoperability - multiple solutions work together based on one common architectural approach

Cost reduction - resource and time requirements are minimized, reducing cost to design and implement new networking technologies and solutions

Increase control and efficiency - managing a single, integrated voice, video and data network is clearly more effective and efficient than running separate infrastructures.

Organizations are no longer tied to one manufacturer by proprietary standards. There are fewer contracts, simpler requirements and a greater accountability as support services are rationalized.

There are also headcount efficiencies as voice departments can be merged with data teams. And as one IP LAN telephony system can handle the communication requirements of multiple sites, it's possible to deploy services and applications from a central location.

The Future

IP telephony is a threatening technology for PBX vendors, delivering clear business benefits such as expenditure savings, improved communications and enabling integration with other applications and corporate databases.

IP telephony is already helping successful companies deploy powerful, integrated voice, video and data applications delivering:

  • multi-channel call centres
  • unified messaging
  • real time collaboration
  • low-cost videoconferencing
  • true integration of databases and legacy systems

IP Telephony for businesses

Traditionally, voice traffic has been carried on circuit-switched technology that's expensive to maintain, upgrade and extend.

IP technology advances have given customers a highly attractive alternative to these dedicated, proprietary solutions, opening up ways to increase revenues, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage in the process.

IP networks can now deliver a whole raft of functionality through convergence - the long-awaited integration of data, voice and video technologies.

In today's demanding economic environment, IT investment is judged against one simple criterion - will it make a difference to the bottom line?
IP telephony is a proven technology that does away with costly separate networks, improves employee productivity and reduces capital and operational expenditure, while offering potential for future innovation to boot.

IP-centric strategies are now at the heart of business, helping organizations identify new ways to generate revenue and gain competitive advantage.

Organizational and business demands are growing daily. Forward-thinking managers are meeting these demands by replacing or integrating PBX-based telephony systems with IP-centric networks - delivering genuine competitive advantage in the process.

IP telephony is a high-performance stable technology that delivers all the functionality of a PBX system and helps organizations meet growing voice, data and video needs.

Crucially, IP solutions put the network at the heart of business strategy, helping organizations identify new ways to generate revenue, reduce operational costs and increase organizational flexibility.

IP telephony applications can be fully customized to interface with back-end systems such as billing and reporting, and integration with legacy PBX systems is simple and speedy. And with IP telephony, setting up new offices and users takes minutes rather than weeks.

You should invest in IP telephony if you:

  • are building a new office or moving
  • are nearing the end of a lease/support contract with PBX or Centrex
  • need to upgrade your network
  • lack capacity on current voice network
  • invested heavily in a quality of service-enabled data infrastructure
  • are being restricted by your current voice infrastructure
  • spending unnecessarily on two networks
  • deploying a Customer Relationship Management solution
  • employing technology for everyday tasks designed to generate
  • revenue or improve customer service

Our Approach

Convergix provides IP telephony consulting, design and implementation services, from initial audit and installation of infrastructure to testing, user training, ongoing support and application development. We combine core strengths in the design, implementation and support of IP networks with best of breed industry players.



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