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Wireless System Design and Implementation

Convergix plans, designs, and manages the implementation of mobile data, and voice radio communications systems throughout the province of Quebec, for public safety, local government, and businesses.

Independence from Vendors and Manufacturers

Our total independence from technology vendors, manufacturers, and commercial telecommunications service providers ensures our clients of our objective, unbiased evaluation of all practical alternatives, and recommendations for the most suitable and cost effective solution that is in the best interests of our clients.


We provide the following types of services to our clients.

  • Initial need assessment.
  • Alternative evaluation.
  • Business case preparation.
  • Budgetary funding.
  • Detailed design development.
  • Request for Proposals and/or bid preparation and release
  • Most suitable technology and contractor selection.
  • Oversight of system implementation and ensuring contractorcompliance with all contractual obligations, to final system testing, acceptance and commissioning.
  • Authority license applications and regulatory filings.

System Design Skills

Our technical and wireless communications system design skills include:

  • Radio frequency coverage and radio path analyses
  • Radio frequency spectrum capacity requirements determination
  • Wireless data and voice system infrastructure design
  • Dispatch center design
  • Technical evaluation of existing system problems and determination of the most cost-effective and reliable solutions
  • Working knowledge of data and voice communications technologies and services

Understanding Our Clients Needs

Our expertise in identifying and analyzing our clients needs enables us to determine the most cost-effective, reliable, and operationally effective wireless data and voice system that will meet our clients’ short, and long-term requirements.

Determining Fact from Fiction

We help our clients sort out fact from fiction regarding the capabilities of a wide variety of current and emerging wireless technologies and services; confusion that is often fueled by intense media attention, and myriad claims made by many wireless technology vendors, who are struggling to stay afloat in a fiercely competitive wireless communications industry.

Canadian Regulatory Environment

Our in-depth knowledge of the rapidly changing CRTC policies, licensing procedures, and rules for use of radio frequency (wireless) spectrum for data and voice systems, provides us with a valuable understanding of the current, and emerging regulatory environment. This will help our clients make sound and practical decisions about the best wireless solution to meet their future needs, and assist our clients through the regulatory and licensing process for the required radio frequency (wireless) spectrum for their system.

Clearly Evaluating Alternatives

Our sound business background and analytical skills, combined with our strong technical knowledge and system design experience, enables us to clearly and conclusively evaluate the costs, trade-offs, and risks, when comparing alternative technologies and system configurations, and when assessing the differences between implementing a private, or in-house wireless data or voice system, or subscribing to a commercial telecommunications wireless service.

Close Client Support From Concept to Commissioning

We work closely with our clients to ensure that our clients have clearly and realistically determined their specific short and long-term needs for wireless data and voice communications.

Client Organization Extension

We work as an extension of our client’s organization and in support of all internal client resources to provide professional, practical expertise throughout the various stages of the project.



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