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Convergix can help you set up a Secure Integrated Solution for all your WAN and remote access needs.

A VPN Solution allows our clients to improve the security and resilience of their Wide Area Network Systems while significantly reducing operational costs.

Whether you wish to link 2 offices or 200 offices, the system offers a secure, resilient, cost-effective solution.

This solution offers several significant benefits to our clients:


The Internet is the fastest developing communications medium on Earth. Access is available at more locations around the world than any other network and more access points or POP's (points of presence) are being established every day. It is particularly notable that investment in the Internet and wireless access services is outstripping the development of traditional telephony infrastructure across the developing world. The system allows our clients to quickly connect virtually any location to their WAN.


The implementation of Internet connectivity is typically considerably quicker than the implementation of more traditional network connections such as leased line or frame relay. Our clients can choose from any of the ISPs around the world and create a unified VPN across these diverse services. New sites and mobile users can be easily added to the system and modifications to the VPN structure can be easily performed. Additionally the network can be extended to any other Internet users such as customers / suppliers / contractors on a temporary basis if required.


As all network data entering or leaving each site is encrypted using either Triple DES (168 Bit) or DES (56 Bit) encryption, the security of the system is substantially better than that offered by traditional Internet, RAS, Leased Line, or Frame Relay networks. In order for the data to be intercepted, data packets would have to be picked from among the packets traversing the Internet, decrypted, and re-assembled to form the original data. Encryption keys are changed at regular intervals in order to ensure that in the unlikely event of a key being compromised / decrypted, it is rendered useless within a short period of time.

Value for money

The VPN system operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each site is normally permanently connected to a local Internet POP. This connection to the Internet allows the organization to transmit data to any location on the Internet for the same low cost regardless of distance. Prices do not vary based on the distance that the data has to travel or the volume of data to be transmitted (unless the ISP charges are based on data volume rather than bandwidth).

Typically the cost of implementing and operating this type of network is 40 % to 60 % less than the cost of an equivalent International Frame Relay network. Each site also benefits from secure local Internet access for external E-mail, FTP, Web browsing etc. thus further reducing costs.



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