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In today's global online economy your business goals can only be achieved in a secure environment. Convergix understands that availability is tantamount to security and taht any interruption of your business can cause serious damage at incredible costs. With a unique blend of technical tools and personal service we perform best-of-breed services tailored, to the clearly researched needs of our clients, to ascertain that their Information Technology Infrastructure is secure.

Vulnerabilities Monitoring

Vulnerability monitoring enables security administrators to keep abreast of new vulnerabilities. They will thus be able to react to the various flaws that have been discovered so that an attacker cannot exploit them to attack the organization's system.

Vulnerability monitoring informs managers of the flaws that have been discovered and the counter-measures and patches that should be applied.

Security Audit

We can carry out any type of technical security audit (wireless network audit, network architecture audit, application architecture audit, flow audit, OS audit, software audit, investigation audit, code audit...)
Why order a security audit?

  • To get an exhaustive view of one's security, with complete fairness and independence.
  • To obtain practical, directly applicable recommendations.
  • To get recommendations sorted by priority order and difficulty level.
  • Types of security audits available
  • Verification audits

This type of audit analyzes the condition of a system or network, examining the following aspects: organization, architecture, protocols used, configuration, and operating and staff skills. We use a practical approach, which is based on HSC's experience and the methodology we have developed over the years. The audit is carried out with the operating staff, in a limited space.

  • Validation audits

    The validation process checks the state of the system against an existing referential. For example, it verifies that previously defined security requirements have been correctly enforced.

  • Intrusive audits

It consists in an active search for weaknesses in the system. The audit is conducted from within the audited network, using an approach based on intrusion attempts. This audit is carried out without the operating staff, in a wide environment.

  • External penetration tests

    Unlike audits, intrusion tests are entirely conducted from outside the network being tested. The aim is to simulate a real attack to see how well or poorly the network resists.

Penetration tests are a very technical endeavour which aims at compromising, from outside, the security of your information system, thanks to "human intelligence". They can have several goals:

  • Prove that the installed security system is inadequate and can be bypassed.
  • Check that an external, malicious person cannot easily penetrate your information system.
  • Complement a security audit (a penetration test can reveal, for example, security problems due to the proprietary software in use).



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