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Convergix offers a wide range of services including corporate identity, professional web design and web development and Internet marketing for businesses desiring a cost-effective website and excellent search engine results.

Flexibility is the number one quality that is highly demanded in online business. We take advantage of leading-edge technologies in order to keep up the high standard.

Our team closely follows new trends and effectively implements fresh ideas and novel approaches. We treat every client individually, laying great stress on their particular needs. Our services include:

Corporate Identity

Every company should have its own face, uniqueness and originality. We offer business card design, logo creation, and letterheads as well as envelop design services.

First impressions do count! As a rule, people like to pay attention to business cards and logos, letterheads and envelop designs because they add certain charm, appeal and allure.

Many companies owe their roaring success to a wholesome and positive corporate identity image. Not only does it have an aesthetic value but it is also vital in developing an effective and successful marketing strategy.
Corporate identity shows how the whole world perceives your company and what message you send out to your clients and customers.

Our team works closely with you when forging your corporate identity design. Therefore, your corporate identity image will not only reveal the fundamental and essential nature of your company and differentiate you from other similar businesses but it will also bring you success and convey a favorable impression about you to your clients.

Web Redesign

Unfortunately for most businesses, what worked yesterday on the web is no longer applicable, marketable, or economical today. Edging out your competition means re-evaluating, redesigning, and reconditioning your site.

Companies that launched sites in the last 2-6 years to keep pace with the online start-ups and market expansion are now finding that their branding, technology, and focus have changed, shifted, or become outdated. It is time to look at redesigning your site and re-evaluating your brand, your online goals and metrics, and your online presence.

Web Design

We offer a wide range of web design concepts so that YOUR web site will exude an aura of professionalism and competitiveness in today’s business arena.

It is the site’s design that gives the first impression about you, and says a lot about your company and the services offered.

  • Attractive and elegant web design makes people assume that you have exquisite taste.
  • Classical and traditional web design makes people presuppose your adherence to time-honored fashion and your deep love for established ideas.
  • Adventurous and bold web design implies that you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, that you welcome fresh and original ideas and greatly value novel approaches.

No matter what web design you choose, it should express your individuality, have a spark of originality and appeal to your customers.

Web Development

We develop web sites that use state-of-the-art technology, are easy to maintain and effectively present your organization to the web audience.
Advanced Information Technologies made it crucial for a company to have its presence in cyberspace.

A professionally done web site brings in greater profits, attracts more customers and helps get in touch with the right partners. All these cannot be achieved without effective web development strategies.

Any web development starts with working out web design concepts and ends with strategic positioning on the Internet, which leads your site to success.

Our team of professionals will draw up a coherent web development plan, which will reveal the fundamental nature of your company and differentiate you from other similar Internet businesses.

We work closely with you in developing your web site so that it will convey the right message to your clients and customers.

Marketing Services

Without a powerful marketing campaign, a site gets lost in cyberspace. Our internet marketing services include search engine optimization, search engine submission, and site maintenance.

Search Engine Optimization. Our trained professionals will visit and assess your site, then produce a report detailing our recommendations on meta tags, keywords and other key components of a high ranking. The service includes:

  • Professional analysis of your site. We evaluate any drawbacks and present an expert view on findability and the overall quality of your site.
  • Analysis of the most common search phrases used to find sites like yours.
  • Keyword and key phrase determination.
  • Detailed report pinpointing exactly what changes you should introduce in the content of your site to increase your ranking in the major search engines

Search Engine Submission. The service includes careful, intelligent submission to the search engines and directories that matter. It embraces:

  • Automatic submission of your site to a great number of FFA sites, regional and industry-specific sites.
  • Manual submission of your site to the top search engines. It includes submission to Google, Altavista, Lycos.
  • Manual submission of your site to general and subject-specific link directories DMOZ (ODP).
  • Paid Placement in LookSmart, Yahoo, Overture, Teoma, Inktomi.


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