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The term Digital Recording refers to the electronic recording of conversations directly onto a hard disk in standard file formats. Due to today's low cost of data storage, many centers now record every call for training, customer service or..."just in case".

Besides the low cost of current technology, each call is much easier to retrieve, copy and manage since it is a separate file.

Maintaining recorded conversations is a valuable tool for quality control, order verification, and customer service representatives training and development.

Recording can be done on-demand (when an operator or supervisor manually starts and stops conversation recording) or full-time. Full-time recording guarantees you will never miss the opportunity to save an important customer service call for future business analysis, and you will never lose the golden words from a great sales call that may later be used for training.

Digital recording may be a feature internal to another piece of call processing equipment or may be added on to an existing phone system, ACD or dialer.

Systems that use open standards have the lowest acquisition, upgrade and maintenance costs. They often allow you to choose practices & media that are most appropriate for your archive/deletion needs.

Detailed logging reports must also be available to take advantage of the recording technology.

Many companies offer digital recording. What sets a product apart from the rest is the underlying software technology, which can vary significantly among systems.

All recording systems are not the same. The productivity results, reliability, accuracy, upgrades and support all depend on the individual vendor.

With flexibility and ease of use matching any independent recording device, the software recording features must provide accurate and easy to retrieve fully digital on-demand conversation recording.

The solution must be a convergence-friendly truly open software product that can interface with any proprietary or off-the-shelf customer contact management system. It must be designed to seamlessly integrate with nearly any existing infrastructure or alternatively provide you with that infrastructure.

Here are some of the important elements one should keep in mind when considering the implementation of a digital recording solution.

Call Recording & Search Capabilities

  • Is the solution capable of searching for audio that has been archived to DAT or other media? What are the system's search times for audio stored on-line and archived?
  • How many extensions does the solution support?
  • Does the solution use any proprietary recording technology to perform audio compression? If so, what is this process?
  • Does the solution support simultaneous record and playback? How is this accomplished?
  • Does the solution support remote monitoring and configuration?

Storage & Archiving

  • How long does the solution store calls online?
  • What kinds of storage options are available for the solution?
  • What levels of redundancy are available to support the solution?
  • Does the solution provide scheduled/automatic archiving options?

System Administration & Alarm Capabilities

  • Does the solution provide multiple levels of security?
    Is the solution capable of assigning user specific access rights?
  • How is this accomplished?
  • How does the solution protect against unauthorized access to selected areas or recordings within the system?
  • Does the solution provide a history log showing recent system activity? What are the system's reporting capabilities?
  • What are the "self-testing" and/or system alarm capabilities for the solution?
  • Does the solution have the option of dial out alarm or event that will notify via pager or fax?

System Requirements

  • What are the solution's system requirements (i.e. OS, switch connectivity, CTI integration, recording channels, and environmentals).
  • Are the hardware and software components of the proposed solution TCP/IP compliant?

These were a few of the questions to which answers must undeniably be provided. Convergix can guide you in the process of selecting the optimal digital recording solution. We can get involved at all, or any, level of the process, be it the assessment of needs, the implementation coordination of the solution, the evaluation and choice of products and suppliers.



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